arrow_back Really? That many abortions?

Are there really 63 abortions for every firearm homicide in the US?

Yes. Here is the table we use to back up this statistic. 2015 is the latest official data available.

Latest official count of abortions reported to the CDC 2015 638,169
Center for Disease Control and Prevention. source

Latest Guttmacher Institute estimate of unreported abortions 2014 274k
The Guttmacher Institute estimates the total abortions (reported and unreported) at 926k. source
The statistic of 274k is achieved by subtracting the 2014 CDC abortions reported 652,639. source

Approximate sum of annual abortions . . . . . . . . 912k

Latest official count of firearm homicides according to the CDC 2016 014,415
official metric source

Abortion count compared to firearm homicide: 63× as many abortions

The firearm homicide rate actually increased in 2016 over 2015. So if we compared 2015 abortions to the same year 2015 firearm homicide, the 63× ratio would be increased. The 63× ratio can be increased significantly by adding abortifacient contraceptives, but it would be a difficult estimate. The ratio can be decreased slightly by recalculating the unreported estimate as percentage of the 2015 official count.

Thus 63× is a reasonably conservative estimate.