3 million letters every year to end abortion.
Our mission is to lead the world to end abortion and promote righteousness
by passing the US Life At Conception Act.
And to equip every pro-life American with a tool that is both accessible and effective.

Your letter is easy and essential.


Mail your pro-life letter this July 2nd
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3 million letters every year to end abortion.

News: Welcome to the recently ported july2life.com website! We are in a transition period on this website... We are working a plan that will allow us to do this full time in the years to come but for the present time we have limited resources. Very glad to have finished porting this to the Next.js platform! Please faithfully send your annual letter this July consider visiting our daily prayer livestream when you are able! —Bryan Field, founder and webmaster

Audio: First appearance on national radio announcing July 2 Life. Visit vcyamerica.org/crosstalk for MP3 audio of the interview.

Statement of the Noble Goal:
To end abortion by Congress simply declaring that life begins at conception. There is already a bill in Congress to do this.

What is needed?
We need 3 million people to write to their United States Representative asking them to vote for the bill.

When does it need to be completed?
All the letters need to be mailed on July 2, every year.

3 million letters every year

Currently, we have around 300,000 people visiting Washington D.C. every January for the March For Life. This is the largest pro-life demonstration in the world.

For everyone traveling to the March For Life, there must be ten times as many pro-life people who would be able to send a letter from the comfort of their own home.

Once this (very reasonable) 1 in 10 ratio is reached, that equals 3 million people sending a pro-life letter every year. That is 1% of the population unified with the same message - pass H.R. 616 Life at Conception Act!

3 million letters is...

3 times the world record
The world record for a letter writing campaign is 900,000 letters for Amnesty International.The pro-life community can triple the world record on an annual basis.

3 times the number of annual abortions
Imagine a world where it takes three 911 calls before the police would be dispatched to a crime scene.This is the world we live in for the unborn.With approximately 1 million abortions every year, the least we can do is send three letters for every one of these children.

“One fourth of my generation is missing because of abortion.”

Historically effective
The most recent Constitutional Amendment passed with a letter-writing campagn in 1992. This requires of Congress and ¾ of all states to be agreement on the Amendment. Suffice it to say, it is difficult to pass an Amendment.But it was passed with a letter-writing campaign!
So let's pass H.R. 616 Life At Conception Act the same way!

For every one who dies from gun violence, more than 63 die from abortion.Life begins at conception.Never at birth.

How can you help guarantee success?

Most importantly, you should personally set the example, and send your own pro-life letter.Mark your calendar for July 2nd.All it takes is one stamp and five minutes.

“Every pro-life American should do this as part of their civic duty.”

Prepare your letter now!
Mail it July 2nd!
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“We will acheive 3 million letters annually.The only question is how long until we do.”

For every one who dies from gun violence, more than 63 die from abortion. Life begins at conception. Never at birth.